LED  normal strip light is widely used in indoor or outdoor decoration lighting, basic lighiting  or ambient lighting. It can also be good lighting source for signage and advertising  due to its flexible and bendable characters. while there are vaious chips, PCB width, power even lumens for optional.  Just choose the right one according to your requirments. 
§ Please note all the installation would be conducted by experienced or technician, especially the high volt strip.
§ High power output or lumen don't means high quality. We should consider its light decay, heat dissipation,and chips life span.... our engineer just give you the right LED strip under scientific design assure 3years or 5years warranty. However we can also supply some short-term use strip which for holiday decoration with 1 or 2 years warranty
§ No matter AC or DC output, all the strips can work only connect with right power supply or  adaptor. Please refer to our sales or our acc                               

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Normal LED2835 strip light

The 2835 is the most widely used size of lamp bead  besides the 5050. Its power from 0.1W to 1W, widely used in all kinds of down lights, lamps, even outdoor lamps, floodlights and so on.
2835 encapsulation generally gets only positive and negative two solder pads, so it can only emit single color, do not get dual color temperature, or RGB. However, it has stable performance, good heat dissipation and high luminous efficiency. It is the most common type of lamp bead.


SMD3528 LED strip light.  It is still accepted  widely nowadays.

3528 came after 5050 and was the elder version of 2835. Its size is larger than 2835, the power is about the same as 3014,  now the 3528 lamp bead is slowly withdrawn from the market.

3528 lighting.jpeg

SMD 5050 LED strip light

The 5050 is the earliest form of lamp bead encapsulation. Initially, the power was very low, generally 0.1-0.2W, but with the development of technology, there have been 1W-3W SMD5050 lamp strips come out.
Moreover, the 5050 lamp bead size is large enough to creats many changes, it can be made into RGB, RGWB 4in1 5in1, even contains IC  in it. So this kind of bead are popular in the field of  high power strip


Besides there are also the size of SMD2216, 3014 , 4040.5630 and 5730,  while the use comparatively is narrow.

How to choose the right LED  normal strip light?

1: Power Wattage

The wattage of the LED  normal strip light, which is generally designated the wattage per meter, is available from 4W to 20W, if the wattage is too low it will be too dark, and if the wattage is too high it will be glare. So we recommend that  8W-14W per meter is OK for most of application.

2: The number of beads

In the case of light uneven, or particle sense lighting,  obviously,  the number of lamp beads per meter is too small, luminous interval is relatively large. Generally speaking, the number of lamp beads per meter strip light should be dozens to hundreds. But for the ordinary home decoration , the beads can be made in 120 beads per meter which is sufficient. However, if in need of higher density of lighting effect,  we suggest please try the high density COB strip light  which emit more uniform and even light Compared with the normal LED light strip.

3: Color temperature(CCT)

For most of usage occasion in our daily life,  3000K -10000K are optional can meet the demands. 3000K is partial yellow, 3500K is partial warm white, 4000K is natural light. In the same lighting area, try to keep all the beads consistent with the color temperature.Which required all the beads from the same BIN. While DELIKAY decor supply the strip mostly have same BIN beads.


4: RA rate

That means the color display index, is an index of the object color reduction degree of the withdrawal light, but also a parameter often ignored by everyone. The full score of the finger is 100, and the closer to 100, the more realistic the object appears. It is generally recommended that the explicit index should be higher than 90RA, and preferably higher than 95RA. While for some signage lighting source, we advise RA 80 is workable.

5: Volt dropping

This is a important problem for LED  normal strip light which we should pay much moreattention , especially the long-distance strip light, the general strip light of 5 meters, 10 meters or 20 meters will have a volt dropping, that is, the tail of the strip light is obviously dark down. So please be attention the stated power feeding indication when choose the strip light. Basically, the S shape flex strip light for mini channel letters are designed 2 meter power feeding.  While normal 120leds or 8-14W/M strip can get 5 meter power feeding.  But we can also supply even 20 meter strip with non volt dropping.

6: Cutting mark

All the LED  normal strip light has cutting mark like 2.5cm or 5cm even 50cm to indicate where to cut when installation. In summary, missing length = required lamp band length-n * crop distance. , for example, the strip light inside the wardrobe or cabinet, try to choose a bead a cut  of the strip light, each light bead can be cut casually.

2835 cut.jpg

7: Power supply

The LED  normal strip light have AC110V/220V or DC 24V/12V/5V,  It is suggested to use low voltage strip light, since it is safety and longer life, and also no strobe.So for the  low-voltage strip light,  a transformer is a must, it can be hidden in the lamp hole of the down lamp or tube lamp, or, in the outlet of central air conditioning for convenient replacement. Therefore, please be sure  the size of the transformer in advance, and plan the hidden location of the transformer in advance.

what's the differences among LED  normal strip light?

While some times we are not sure which grade should be chosen when facing a variety ofLED  normal strip light, we always like pay the right cost upon the right quality based on our installation requirments. So we make a detailed list as below for your reference:

                                         Warranty Years                                             Features
                                             Usage Scenarios
                                           1 year
with the current 60mA by integrating sphere measurement, single bead gets 16-18lm, Ra65, alloy wires and alloy stand. economical PCBlighting up 4-5hours daily,, suitable for short term holiday decoration, wedding, party, garden...
                                           2 years
with the current 60mA by integrating sphere measurement, single bead gets 20lm, Ra70, alloy wires and copper stand. medium PCBlighting up 7-8hours daily,, suitable for brigh home decoration, landscape lighting, restanrant,dining,canteen lighting, hotel room...
                                           3 years
with the current 60mA by integrating sphere measurement, single bead gets 22-24lm, Ra80, alloy wires and copper stand. premium PCBlighting up 10hours daily,suitable for domestic decoration, shopping mall, night bar and restaurant hotel, club, karaoke bars, ballroom exterior wall decoration, advertisement decoration, signage backlit, outdoor landscape lighting,  building outline, highway bridges, tunnels.  farm animals plants grow lighting, etc.
                                       Above 3 years
with the current 60mA by integrating sphere measurement, single bead gets 25 lm, Ra90, golden wires and copper stand. premium PCBlighting up 15hours daily, high-end lighting project.

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