RGB+W   RGB+CCT LED  Strip light, has integrated with normal 5050 bead and 2835 with WW,NW or CW color  , to make multi color available. It can be widely used in indoor or outdoor decoration area, as basic lighiting  or ambient lighting. source. It can also be good lighting source for signage and advertising  due to its flexible and bendable characters. Its colorfull and magic dynamic pattern can deeply enhanced the performance of illuminaire.

please choose the right wattage and IP grade according to the project.

§ Please note all the installation would be conducted by experienced or technician, especially the high volt strip.
§ High power output or lumen don't means high quality. We should consider its light decay, heat dissipation,and chips life span.... our engineer just give you the right LED strip under scientific design assure 3years or 5years warranty. However we can also supply some short-term use strip which for holiday decoration with 1years warranty

§ No matter AC or DC output, all the strips can work only connect with right power supply or  adaptor. Please refer to our sales or our accessories link



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