Flexible high power Wall Washer light with lens

New Design IP66 Flexible high power Wall Washer light with lens Waterproof 18W LED strip Light used outdoor outer wall ambient lighting, accent lighting for those special building or corner

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What's the Flexible high power Wall Washer light with lens? 

Wall washer lamp, which means have the lights washed over the wall , to create the illumination effect  like water flow. It is mainly for architectural decoration or ambient lighting, like building, hotel, centre square or cottage garden.

At present, hard rigid wall washer bar light is widely used, which improves the overall spatial beauty of the building, but it is not suitable for some small scenes and special-shaped buildings or corners due to its characteristic . Nowadays, we are pursuing more delicate and creative small scene ,to realize more personality and individuation in our daily life. More and more special or creative building design work out, while It needs higher quality, better lighting effect and easier installation, so the bar light must be flexible and bendable to cover all the curved part or corner.Obviously, the current normal hard rigid bar is unworkable because of below:

1: Hard rigid bar light is usually get 1meter per piece and can not be bent, not suitable for some different wall edge or curved wall installation.

2: Regular packing is 1meter just increase its shipping and installation cost, time and labour.

3: Normal hard rigid bar light is heavy and uneasy to move.



So , the Flexible high power Wall Washer light with lens come out. Now it is getting more and more popular in huge lighting project. .Because It is made by flexible TPU with SMD2835 , and get silicon encapsulated outer pack, to reach IP66 waterproof for outdoor use.It takes special angle lens like 15x45, 10x40, or 30 degree or 60 degree to realize various washer lighting effect, it is flexible and bendable enough compared to normal aluminium substrate hard bar light. 

1: Flexible and bendable, better washer performance

Special-shaped buildings often appear in commercial CBD, landscape hotels, landscape architecture and other scenes, lighting designers often do not know how to start, because conventional lamps are focus on point, line, and whole surface that is not easy to indicate their creative design philosophy, installation and debugging.

And DELIKAY supply the Flexible high power Wall Washer light with lens  can be freely bent,  what is so different from the traditional wall washing lamp , its substrate lamination takes glass fiber plate material, good flexibility, and surface minimum bending radius can get 50mm, which can fully achieve arbitrary bending.

The continuous and seamless connection of the lamp body fundamentally solves the fixed problems in hard rigid bar light  such as being bulky, rigid, and multiple splicing on the irregular surface. The arbitrary bending feature also makes the light scattered on the irregular curved surface even and uniform.

2: with special edge-lit emitting lens. Suitable for small scene

For example, defective chosen of beam angle of lens will lead to dot concentrate and uneven gradual lighting or transition.

In terms of uniformity, the lens is superior to the diffused lampshade. By changing the beam angle,  the lens can get  soft and consistent lighting, improve the efficient, high transparency, and the special irradiation effect of different occasions can be achieved.

We provide various lens model optional , small beam angle like 30, 60 degree, or edge-lit emitting lens such as 10x40 15x45, the lighting space within 2.5-3meters. While we strongly advise that the install gap between the lamp and wall should be 10cm in which case can generate the maximum lighting effect.

Meanwhile, we can also have a variety of  LED normal strip light for optional in the case of ordinery lighting or decoration needs.




However, different manufacturers have different technical standards,parameter, light source, beam angle design....,all of which will deeply affect the final performance. And DELIKAY Flexible high power Wall Washer light with lens can help you save time cost in this kind of project. Our parameter mostly match the high-end lighting project.

Key features:

1:20mm width X 6mm depth TPU board.  DC24V , double FPCB 25/50 copper foil. 18W/meter  SMD2835 beads.

2: High Ra and multi CCT available, high luminous efficiency, low decay, good heat dissipation.

3: Small and flexible size, easy transit and install, lower cost in transportation and labour.

4: Cutting freely.we reset the cutting position to meet various shape or install length needs on-site.

5: Easy install. DIY freely and easily, speed up the project processing and get more convenient maintaining in daily life

6:Silicone encapsulation, IP66 waterproof, reliable, longer lifespan get 3 years. Flexible high power Wall Washer light with lens has longer life.



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