UL certified LED strip lamp

SMD 2835, SMD3014, SMD3528 single color strip light with UL listed . Ensure its high quality, long life and steady output efficiency . good for all kinds of high end signage lighting souce

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What’s the UL certified LED strip lamp?

DELIKAY supply full sets of SMD 2835, SMD3014, SMD3528 UL certified LED strip lamp . Ensure its high quality, long life and steady output efficiency .good for all kinds of high end signage lighting souce


Lamp bead type: 2835/3014/3528

2oz or 3oz high end PCB to ensure the heat dissipation and anti-crack performance.

 Number of beads: 60/120/240 lamps

 Color: positive white, warm white, cold white, red light, green light, blue light, orange light, yellow light...

 Certification: UL, CE, RoHs, FCC...

 CRI: > 80, DC 12V

 IP level: IP30, IP65, IP67, and IP68 Optional

  Packing: the conventional is 5M/ roll, can also be made 10M/ roll, the length can be customized according to customer requirements

  Packaging: Inner anti-static aluminum foil bag, outer packaging standard export carton

All the back side adhesive tape are authentic 3M tape to ensure the solid paste.

 Color, number of lamp beads and length of UL certified LED strip lamp can be customized according to customer requirements




What’s the single color LED strip?:

The LED measured  related to the black body color temperature according to the correlation color temperature, so LED is generally called the correlation color temperature, namely CCT in short.  It is usually made by blue light chip with different proportions of phosphor to emit different color as below:

Below 2000K, red and yellow, like when the sun goes down

2200-2700K, golden yellow, color temperature orange

2800-3500K, generally 3000K, known as warm light(WW)

3500-4200K, based on 4000K, is called natural light. (NW)

4500-5500K, white light, suitable for office, reading, etc. But it is rarely chosen in this CCT

5800-6800K, cold white light, white light in general(CW),the base is 6500K.

7000-8000K is colder and bluer than 6500K, which is not needed at home. But some special scenes, such as jewelry lights, need to be used.

Above 9000K, which is blue to purple, the UV part is UVA and UVB. It belongs to special application scenarios, such as aquarium, mosquito trapping, UV disinfection and so on.


What’s the control model for the UL certified LED strip lamp?

The most conventional is on/off mode, connected to the electricity on, do not connect to the off.


That's the monochromatic temperature on/off;

If there is a dual color temperature in the UL certified LED strip lamp , there can be a dual color strip , or  two-color temperature on/off;

Dimmable & Tunable

Through single and double color temperature on/off, we can also use triac control, 0/1-10V, DALI, Bluetooth, zigbee, 2.4G and other control methods, for dimming, color temperature control.

DMX512 signal

DMX512 control, is to use DMZX512 protocol, to carry on the addressable control upon the strip light. Generally, it is 5 wire for strip, 2 wire for  power supply, 3 wire for control.

How to judge the quality of UL certified LED strip lamp?

Of course that getting the UL certificate is the best evidence. Apart that we can follow below factors:

The higher power  the LED chip, the lower consumption of the chip  when using the lamp beads, then the better the light effect will be, and the longer life will be.

 In terms of light parameters, a good UL certified LED strip lamp usually stick to the following:

1. High luminous flux,high luminous efficiency also. Light efficiency is the amount of light flux per unit of power consumed.  It can be achieved by increasing the unit power of the lamp bead,and take high power chip  at the same time to ensure high efficiency·

2. Accurate and stable  CCT and low SDCM. This will make the strip look even in color and brightness.

 Have a high color rendering index, such as 80 or above 90. Color rendering index means the fraction that restores the original color of the object. RA 100 is 100%  fraction of the nature color of the object in the sun.However, high color rendering index is not a must in the case of being signage backlit lighting source , it will be better  to have more luminous flux. Because the color index and luminous flux are generally inversely proportional.



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